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Team #22612 - New Wave

Syracuse Academy of Science CS

From Syracuse, NY, USA

Part of the NY Region

Rookie Year: 2022

Top OPR: 45.3 (NY-Excelsior Corning Qualifier)

New York-Excelsior MVCC Utica ChampionshipUtica, NY, USA on Mar 4, 2024

NY-Excelsior Corning QualifierCorning, NY, USA on Feb 12, 2024

Qual Rank #22 with a record of 0-5-0 and an OPR of 45.3

Motivate Award Finalist


No Match Video AvailableQ-2128 - 13511607226121283317222
No Match Video AvailableQ-10104 - 18322612699663475485
No Match Video AvailableQ-13107 - 85531950202261216854
No Match Video AvailableQ-1999 - 381670014026495722612
No Match Video AvailableQ-2353 - 68226122080772308863
NY-Excelsior Clarkson University QualifierPotsdam, NY, USA on Feb 4, 2024

Qual Rank #4 with a record of 4-1-0 and an OPR of 0

Winning Alliance 1st Pick

Think Award Finalist

Motivate Award Finalist

NY-Excelsior MVCC Utica QualifierUtica, NY, USA on Jan 22, 2024

Qual Rank #19 with a record of 0-5-0 and an OPR of 26.1


No Match Video AvailableQ-318 - 602261221302723013364
No Match Video AvailableQ-670 - 1924350127362261211607
No Match Video AvailableQ-1433 - 114886322612133574243
No Match Video AvailableQ-1934 - 2410161123992261224724
No Match Video AvailableQ-2544 - 42852724526226124809
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    Event Results
    • New York-Excelsior MVCC Utica Championship
      NY-Excelsior Corning Qualifier
      NY-Excelsior Clarkson University Qualifier
      NY-Excelsior MVCC Utica Qualifier